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The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program helps homeowners understand their home’s energy use, as well as identify opportunities to increase energy performance and enhance comfort. Typical improvements include sealing air leaks and ductwork, adding insulation, and upgrading heating and cooling systems. As a participating contractor, Manly Brothers can conduct a comprehensive energy assessment of a home’s systems, then recommend and perform whole house improvements that result in lower utilities bills and more consistent year-round comfort.

If you’ve considered spending money on energy efficient home improvements but aren’t sure of how to do it, or wondered if the money will be spent wisely…..Manly Brothers Home Performance Check Can Help!

Just like your body or your car, your home is a system with interacting parts, which goes entirely against what you have been trained to think.

If you’ve ever found yourself with a problem at home (too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too stale, etc.) and went to the store to buy a product off the shelf that would fix the problem, that’s the training kicking in.

The reality is that no one product fixes your home as a system, and any one symptom you find, might actually be an indication of a problem elsewhere in the home.

Get to the Real Issues

Great News!

Manly Brothers Are Home Performance Professionals who have the ability to scientifically pinpoint the exact opportunities for improvement in your home so you never flush another dollar down the drain and they can prove the work was done correctly, so you never worry about your return on investment.

Lower Costs. More Comfort. Better Life

Let’s be real: owning and maintaining a home can be an expensive and frustrating experience. Anything you can do to make your family more comfortable, healthy and happy and make your home last long is where it’s at.

Measurement = Proof Of Quality

When you shop for a car, I bet you want one that’s not going to bleed your wallet dry with repairs, gas guzzling and breakdowns. MEASURING is what you’re doing, measuring whether the costs of operating that vehicle is worth buying that vehicle.

Measure Your Home

You’ve invested at least 10 times more in your home than in your car, so shouldn’t we all be demanding a guarantee of workmanship in our homes?

This is the promise of home performance: